Our team has developed and refined a tailored approach to help our clients put all of the pieces of their financial puzzle together and simplify the complexity of their success. It is a dynamic process that adapts as their life unfolds and their needs evolve. It is our job to help our clients make the most optimal decisions based on what we know today. We help create clarity and confidence in their future.

Our approach helps our clients achieve a work-optional lifestyle and secure the legacy they want for their family. We call it our SWAG process because it was designed based on feedback from our clients. They ask us to not only help them but

Serve their Wealth Across Generations.


Actively avoiding conflicts of interest, we offer unbiased advice and serve as fiduciaries with the utmost integrity.


We are not restricted in selecting the solutions that we believe are in your best interests.


Coordinating with your other trusted advisors, we look to deliver a unified and integrated set of solutions.

& Access

We are always available to you, and we nurture our relationship with an open, two-way dialogue.

Our Welcome Process

The way we initially meet with a prospective client is a differentiating process that helps ensure a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. There are three simple but valuable steps.


We begin with a conversation about what type of help and advice you are looking for. We determine whether we can bring value to your situation and if we believe that, together, we’re a good fit.


Next, we have an in-depth meeting to gather all of the particulars of your financial circumstances. In addition to the facts and figures, we explore your investment interests, risk tolerance and time horizon. We discuss your goals as well as your personal values.


We will then deliver a feasibility study and a proposal – without obligation – for how we would suggest moving forward with our relationship. At that point, we hope you will decide to hire Symmetry and look forward to creating a rewarding experience for you and your family.


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